December 26th, 2013


FC_smorgasbord Table 3

1.The vacuum of time. 2.Uncontrollable wrath. 3.Her eyes believed in mysteries. 4.Urban legend. 5.Look beyond.
6.Leap of faith. 7.Gazing upon the sky. 8.All sorts of complicated. 9.Face down I cry. 10.Twilight surrender.
11.Terror in the night. 12.Dragon of shadow. 13.Last breath. 14.Vast horizons. 15.All the tears of God.
16.In the shadow of Mount Gloom. 17.When love turns to hate. 18.Edge of the knife. 19.Flashes of euphoria. 20.Natural disaster.
21.Gentle warmth. 22.Entrapment. 23.Sweet nothings. 24.I break. 25.Intoxicating the mind.
26.Rippling tide. 27.Lost and alone. 28.Dancing with the devil. 29.Unfinished tale. 30.Quaking need.
31.And that's when I stopped believing in gravity. 32.Faery-eyed child. 33.Island of light. 34.When the river runs dry. 35.Dream the impossible.
36.Fatal accident. 37.Faceless and nameless. 38.Endless darkness. 39.Memory of a dream. 40.No one mourns the wicked.
41.Fail with honor. 42.It ends tonight. 43.Forgotten roads. 44.Haunting melody. 45.Lapping at the shores of sleep.
46.Harsh revelation. 47.That's all I ask of you. 48.Dangerous illusion. 49.Jilted dreams. 50.Landing among the stars.
51.Flowers in the ashes. 52.Black ice. 53.A path to follow. 54.Think of me. 55.Passing warrior.
56.The life inside. 57.Shooting star. 58.Ancient willow. 59.On the brink of forever. 60.Once upon a December.
61.Broken spirit. 62.Flame in the twilight. 63.Ghost of a rose. 64.Off the map. 65.An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
66.Portals of discovery. 67.The beginning of goodbye. 68.Foreign serenade. 69.Like shattered glass. 70.Fear of the fall.
71.Eyes within the heart. 72.Heart within the eyes. 73.Left behind. 74.The calm before the storm. 75.I never thought...
76.Fall from grace. 77.A lonely tomorrow. 78.Lost beginning. 79.Listless winter. 80.Illusions of the darkness.
81.Unguarded touch. 82.Jumbled truths. 83.Cowering sunrise. 84.A walk along the shore. 85.Balance of power.
86.Beneath the blue. 87.Last time. 88.Forgotten, not forgiven. 89.Little girl's downfall. 90.When forever fades away.
91.Shallow grave. 92.Deliverance. 93.The valley of echoes. 94.Out of sight, out of mind. 95.Better left unsaid.
96.Fractured reality. 97.Lonely by candlelight. 98.Dying sun. 99.Path of a child. 100.Grave acceptance.
101.Why they call it falling. 102.Resisting temptation. 103.The family nobody wanted. 104.Diamond in the rough. 105.Between a rock and your mother.
106.Fragile hearts and candy-coated dreams. 107.Lonely children. 108.Flying amidst a rainbow. 109.Imitation of life. 110.Devastating explosion.
111.Leaves of amber. 112.Dancing in the fountain. 113.The essence of life. 114.Beyond the galaxy's walls. 115.Volcano.
116.I remember when she loved me. 117.Laughter from the flames. 118.Nostalgic numbness. 119.Haunting lonely pools. 120.You cannot lose what you never had.
121.Alone with forever. 122.Through the fire. 123.Fragmented truths. 124.Heart of a child. 125.A time for tenderness.
126.Desire, ask, believe, receive. 127.Portrait in black. 128.Blood and tears. 129.Sunrise upon a soul. 130.Gaping chasm.
131.Here comes the flood. 132.Love's pretty follies. 133.Prisms of a fragmented whole. 134.Freedom in chains. 135.Arise from the ashes.
136.A glittering cavern. 137.Parting regrets. 138.The end of the beginning. 139.Dim as an ember. 140.Mysterious stranger.
141.Something unheard of. 142.Remember me. 143.Acid tears. 144.Subconscious reality. 145.Voices in my mind.
146.The truth about forever. 147.Spellbound. 148.I appeared here to vanish there. 149.Mother Earth's last stand. 150.Dancing on the water.
151.I close my eyes and you disappear. 152.How do I say goodbye? 153.Tempting enigma. 154.Forbidden laughter. 155.Castles in the sky.
156.Letting go. 157.You were supposed to be watching her! 158.A tale rewritten. 159.A whisper on the wind. 160.What Earth once was.
161.Lost soul. 162.Where does the sky end? 163.Starved for affection. 164.Catastrophe in the making. 165.I miss who you were.
166.Exiled child. 167.Lights out. 168.Frantic search. 169.Wandering spirit. 170.Even I have forgotten her name.
171.Between a rock and a hard place. 172.I thought you were dead. 173.Dangerous stranger. 174.Letters and vowels, spinning and tiles. 175.Liquid sunset.
176.Emergency evacuation. 177.Burning up. 178.It wasn't your fault. 179.Tragic shadow. 180.By the light of a million stars.
181.Touch me. 182.Fool's gold. 183.Hidden tales. 184.Flash of lightning. 185.Unexpected emptiness.
186.Unheeded warning. 187.Reach for the stars. 188.Broken promises and broken hearts. 189.I am the night you die. 190.Disembodied voices.
191.Chained to mortality. 192.Islands in the sky. 193.The razor's edge. 194.Bribing the Devil. 195.The gift of lucidity.
196.Antiseptic air. 197.Don't scream. 198.Sleeping storm. 199.A fate worse than death. 200.Blood wars.
201.Angels among us. 202.Alone in a crowd. 203.Behind the mirror. 204.Falling from a cloud. 205.Gazing out a broken window.
206.Deserted riverbank. 207.Ignored instinct. 208.Aurora Borealis. 209.Frozen bridges. 210.A beacon of hope.
211.Before the next tear falls. 212.For the child I will sing. 213.Abandoned resistance. 214.Crumbling heart. 215.Fragile as a dream.
216.Life on white wings. 217.One final look back. 218.Clinging to the edge of control. 219.Still crossroads. 220.Never let go.
221.Through a child's eyes. 222.Old oak. 223.Based on a dream. 224.Finding infinity. 225.Liberating release.
226.Sensation of loss. 227.Another fine mess. 228.When stillness descends. 229.Knowledge in death, wisdom in immortality. 230.Assassin for hire.
231.Superstition. 232.Promise me. 233.The power of goodbye. 234.Breathtaking reality. 235.A bitter pill.
236.Reaching for the moon. 237.Night of fire. 238.Fields of dust fill my empty chest. 239.Asleep at dawn. 240.Firestarter.
241.Tragic moment. 242.I hate love. 243.No man is an island. 244.I'll try violence. 245.A life of lies.
246.Beneath the smiles. 247.Shattered reflections. 248.Irresistible coersion. 249.Crown of ivy. 250.I wish upon tonight.
251.Who named the stars? 252.The winds of change. 253.Across the worlds. 254.I offer no excuses. 255.Rough hands.
256.Call of the wild. 257.Forgotten sanctuary. 258.The hand of fate. 259.In the still of the night. 260.If looks could kill...
261.Desperate plea. 262.Counting years. 263.Don't you dare. 264.After tonight... 265.Illuminated darkness.
266.Warped reality. 267.Nightmare. 268.You think you have it bad? 269.Imagine dying. 270.Disenchanted crystal.
271.Whitewashed walls. 272.There will always be a monster. 273.And the edges blur. 274.Death becomes you. 275.Pierce the sky.
276.Laughing at the moon. 277.Caught in the act. 278.Infinite embrace. 279.Nothing could bleed that much. 280.One thousand promises.
281.Demon tongue. 282.Unfathomable truth. 283.Yesterday's tomorrow. 284.Bound by silence. 285.Wake up, the day is dying.
286.Trembling cold. 287.It's too late. 288.Nothing lost, nothing gained. 289.Desolation row. 290.Happiness, flying penguins, and other impossibilities.
291.Future of the past. 292.Close your eyes and tell me what you see. 293.Missing planet. 294.Cabin by the sea. 295.A curling shadow.
296.Absence makes the heart grow fonder... of the absence. 297.Supernova. 298.Watching the horizon. 299.Guardian. 300.The in between.
301.Burning star. 302.I'd rather not know before I die. 303.Whispers in the dark. 304.See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. 305.Finality.
306.Amusingly inconsequential. 307.Do you remember the end? 308.Love me like you mean it, and while you're at it, mean it. 309.Letters from nowhere. 310.My lips are sealed.
311.Releasing the sparrow. 312.Toxic tease. 313.You're only sleeping. 314.A fallacy in your head. 315.Don't look into its eyes.
316.Other unnecessary tales. 317.The one no one sees. 318.Sometimes it is better not to follow your own destiny. 319.Something's out there. 320.Horrific distortion.
321.A four leaf clover. 322.Dragons in your eyes. 323.Live on your toes, love on your knees, die on your feet. 324.Beautiful disaster. 325.An invitation to Heaven.
326.They're calling you home. 327.Time flies when you're having fun. So clip its wings. 328.I covet you. 329.Kindle my soul. 330.The end.
331.Hold still, I'm trying to kill you. 332.Time keeps turning. 333.The eye of the storm. 334.Somewhere out there. 335.Edge of sanity.
336.I guess this was what they meant by a traffic jam from Hell. 337.The ravages of time. 338.Breathe, baby, breathe! 339.Lamentation. 340.The innocent can never last.
341.Her body was found... 342.Approaching doom. 343.Resonating hunger. 344.The moment... 345.A perfect rainbow in Hell.
346.The river's too wide to cross over and too shallow to drown in. 347.More Heaven than a heart could hold. 348.Faces in the clouds. 349.Suddenly... 350.A queer sort of clockwork.
351.Ethereal blood. 352.Ripped apart. 353.Vacant arch. 354.Transcendant joy. 355.Childhood's end.
356.A secondhand heart. 357.Miraculous discovery. 358.The end of something better - The beginning of something worse. 359.Recoil. 360.Silent watcher.
361.Broken weapon. 362.A story never to tell. 363.Beneath the shade of the Sycamore. 364.The space between. 365.Blood and moon.