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The Adventure of the Empty Warehouse Masterpost

I originally wrote this fic for bromancestory Big Bang. But I managed to get the document deleted during final edits. I had to restart again from previous drafts I've saved, but I'm swamped with RL and other assignments. Since I don't want my artist's hard work to go without due credit, I've consulted the wonderful mod of the challenge and she approved of me posting what I have of the story in chapters, when I am able to.

Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Characters: Mycroft, John, Lestrade
Rating: M
Warnings: death, some violence
Does ‘romantic friendship’ include sex in your story? No. It's all platonic.
Summary via BromaceStory's Claim prompt: John never thought he'd see Mycroft Holmes again. But there he is, leading him from bizarre massive poisoning to what appeared as a clear-cut death from natural causes that spiralled into desperate search for the truth. What he finds is not what he imagined. But what he gains on the way there is even more surprising.

CoverArt Links by susanmarier


Part One

Tags: bbc sherlock, bromancestory, fanfiction

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