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Rare Women Letter

Dear rarewomen writer,

I'm so sorry for my all-over-the-place requests! RL refused to let up and let me think about some nice prompts. My ramblings below are just random ideas, so feel free to tell a story you want to. What I'm after is a fic about rare female characters, and I'm not too picky about particulars.

I'm really happy with any of these ladies. I don't need you to include men, but I'm not opposed to it, if you feel the need to - as long as the female character(s) still come first. I don't have any major squicks, though I might prefer gen to NC-17 for my requests here. (But if the muse insists...) I don't mind AUs.

So, here are the fandoms, in no particular order of priority:

Blake's 7
Any(Cally, Jenna, Soolin, Dayna, Anna Grant)

Anything with the ladies! I'd particularly love to see them interacting - we see practically nothing of that. History before they appeared goes too. If Anna, I love professionals, and sympathetic look is not required.

Seriously, they really get under-utilised. And it's a half-dead fandom, plus an old slash fandom, which means there are really few fics that focus on them. I'd love a "missing moment", what were they doing while boys were posturing on the screen. Or having some girl time. Or just kicking ass. Or what they did before they joined the crew. Or afterward. (Fixing canon events is okay, but I'm not insisting.) For Anna, previous assignment would be cool. Or just an introspective. Was it all the game until the end?

Ivanhoe - All Media Types
Any (Rebecca, Rowena)
Anything about either Rowena or Rebecca is great! That last scene, when they meet, left such an impact on me. I almost screamed in frustration that they were not allowed to become friends. AU in which they interact more is also welcome.

Like I said above, their meeting really hit me in the gut. I'm usually not the one to seek out femslash (don't hate it, just not generally interested), but for some reason I just saw them deciding to run away together. Which is completely silly and unrealistic, but I needed to get it out.
If you need to fix things or put them in an AU where they can move more freely, it's welcome. But I'd be just as happy with canon-compliant fic about either of them, and not necessarily interacting. They seem such an interesting characters and it's so frustrating when they are established as smart and surprisingly multi-faceted - but still end up defining their happiness by whether they get the "hero" or not. Gah.

The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
Andreth, Nerdanel, Thuringwethil
I'll just take anything about these three. It doesn't have to do with men in their lives at all - as difficult as it is for Andreth and Nerdanel. But both of them were known for their brains - what did they do with them? Thuringwethil, on the other hand, seems special - we don't see much in the way of female monsters beside spiders. Who was she before? If Maia, why did she follow Melkor? Or is she another construct, like dragons?

These are my favourite female characters in Tolkien's legendarium, period. I was never a fan of Galadriel, and Luthien and Eowyn felt a bit too distant for me to get attached to. Aredhel is a bit too confusing. Most of the rest are not developed enough. Well, neither are these ladies, but they are "spiced" enough to allow a fan's mind to develop something interesting.
Andreth. We'll often see Elven maids falling for mortal Men, but here is our sole known reverse case. What is it that could draw the eye? She was not lauded for her beauty, but for wisdom and literacy - again, a bit rare in her 'verse.
Nerdanel. She is often attributed a great patience, to be able to withstand all those Feanorians - but before that, she was known as a great artist in her own right. Her reflections as a wife or mother would be welcome, but I'd love something about her as an artisan as well.
Thuringwethil - even greater mystery. Speculations about previous history welcome. Or a day in her life as the servant of darkness. Just anything.

Star Trek: The Original Series
Number One, Saavik, Valeris
-Number One. Just...Number One. Where did she come from? Where did she go after that rejected pilot. Maybe a slice of AU where she remains as member of TOS Enterprise Crew.
-Saavik. Another one that got put on the bus. What happened with her? I'm neutral about implied pregnancy - life as single mother or her continuing on her own are both equally fine with me.
-Valeris. Another mystery. What were her motivations? Her behavious seems strange for a Vulcan.

More or less, what's above - there is so little to go on. I haven't seen or read anything beyond show and movies, so I don't know if something is expanded in novels and like. (I know Saavik's storyline is, but I have no clue.) If it is, feel free to involve it, and don't worry about spoilers. Or make your own story.

Well, there it is. Sorry for the lack of concrete prompts! My brain refuses to comply and I'd rather not leave you waiting for a more elaborate letter than might never come.

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