Enochia (enochia) wrote,

FC_smorgasbord Table 2

1.It happens. 2.God is in the detail. 3.And then, quite suddenly, they all died. 4.Sometimes I am just not okay. 5.You can't fire me, I quit!
6.Detour. 7.On my way up/On my way down. 8.I'm already gone. 9.Kiss it and make it better. 10.And then there was one.
11.Got your back. 12.Where to now? 13.Are we there yet? 14.Time to go. 15.Find a way back.
16.Give it up to God. 17.Arts and crafts. 18.Going my way? 19.Knew you before we met. 20.Trail of breadcrumbs.
21.There but for the grace of God go I. 22.Famous last words. 23.Counting the miles between us. 24.This is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me. 25.Dead but dreaming.
26.What the hell was that? 27.Words sharper than a knife. 28.It's only wrong if we get caught. 29.Enabler. 30.Hold on, I'm almost there.
31.Bouncing off the walls. 32.Popcorn and a movie. 33.How to get away with murder. 34."Say uncle." "Uncle! Uncle! Mercy!" 35.She's got spunk.
36.Someday. 37.Safe word. 38.Killing blow. 39.Headlines. 40.Just say the word and I'm there.
41.A world of pretend. 42.The ol' switcheroo. 43.Bargain. 44.Sweet tooth. 45.Running on pure will.
46....It could happen! 47.You see, it's a game. When I run away, you're supposed to chase me. 48.Bloodstains on the carpet. 49.Tell me this isn't happening 50.Wake me when it's over.
51.Backstabber. 52.Let's don't and say we did. 53.Snooze button. 54.Roadtrip! 55.Tell me a story. Do all the voices.
56.Button button, who's got the button? 57.Kill, crush, destroy. 58.Soup's on. 59.I refuse to let you win. 60.Sucker.
61.And the crowd goes wild. Yay. 62.Okay, Mr. Crankypants. Geez. 63.Decisions, decisions. 64.You know, that thing where you start laughing and you can't stop? 65.And later, you remember that thing that made you laugh so hard and you get all giggly and people around you think you're crazy because they have no idea what you're laughing at?
66.Guess you had to be there. 67.GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! 68.Take it like a man. 69.Ticking clock. 70.Daydreamer.
71.Broken branches on your family tree. 72.It's just a scratch. 73.Stolen kiss. 74.Let's make a deal. 75.Backed into a corner.
76.Walk away/Look away. 77.Made your bed, now lie in it. 78.Pillow fort/snow fort. 79.They found me! 80.World of my own making.
81.High up in the treehouse. 82.Slumber party. 83.Battle fatigue. 84.Vacancy. 85.This space for rent.
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